Ending Gun Violence

Activism at Wilton Quaker Meeting

Friend Peter Murchison is an outspoken advocate for gun violence prevention, has an article in Friends Journal, a QuakerSpeak video, action with FCNL and Quaker Meetings and other organizations around the nation promoting an end to gun violence. Peter is a member and clerk of Wilton Quaker Meeting and he engages in this important work in honor of his nephew, Daniel Barden - one of the children who lost their lives in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. 

We made our fundraising goal!!!! On with the Gun Buyback!!

Congratulations to all of us who contributed and are working on this Gun Buyback for Norwalk CT on 10/28. I have added up all the contributions from GoFundMe, and others from other Quaker organizations, and WE MADE IT!

I bought the gift cards and met again with the police department today. Counting down the days!!!

Please spread the word that there are 8 cities in CT doing a gun buyback the same day, Saturday, 10/28.

Oh yes, and we hung up this banner outside the NPD station today!

Getting rid of unwanted guns means less accidents and gun thefts and safer communities.